Tuesday, January 5, 2016

ChicoBag for traveling

With my New Year's goal (I like that word better than "resolution") to be more eco friendly,
 I was excited to discover this set of three bags that were created to replace all those Zip Loc plastic bags that I depend on when I travel. 

Found at the #HikeShack on our morning walk around the #PrescottCourthousePlaza to see if they had YakTrax in my size. 

Getting ready for snow and ice. 

They have really added some fun new stuff. Prana clothing that might be on my wish list. 

Definitely made #ThePickOfPrescott for me. 
At $10.00 for all three washable bags I feel more organized already.

 And since I live "travel ready" in my SmallSpace bathroom at the Casita on South Cortez 
they may get daily use.