Saturday, November 21, 2015

Painting Rock

Painting Rock: Black Cat - What could be easier than painting a cat using a few black lines on an orange, painted stone? Simple Cat Line Art on a Roc...

Re-posted from Cindy Thomas in Colorado.  Love her nativity scenes, too!  One of those middle-of-the-night Pinterest rambles led me to discover this rock artist in Colorado

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Starbucks plain red holiday cup controversy

So I haven't gone to Starbucks since the cup controversy.  But here I am at PDX in Portland, Oregon, waiting for the HUT shuttle and icing my sore hip. 

Actually I have an hour to wait on a really cold concrete bench but it does feel good on my hip and with that nice red cup from Starbucks, I feel kind of festive, except not.

I watched The Other ellen, whom I adore, weigh in on "Cupgate" as we had all been waiting usual, she was very funny!

But as a RRT (Recently Retired Teacher) I suddenly had a thought that might help humanity embrace its diversity...oh, and of course, celebrate it.

I'm thinking stickers.

If Starbucks prides itself on being able to customize our orders (I personally have to stand in line repeatedly muttering under my breath "Venti, Cafe Americano, room for cream" as I shuffle forward) maybe they could offer us stickers .

  You know, to decorate the cups to reflect our own perspective during the holidays. 

The problem with taking away things that might offend someone is that we ARE so diverse. 

SOMETHING is sure to offend SOMEONE....sorry, didn't mean to "shout."  

If you start taking stuff that like "banning?"...then pretty soon we're left with like, nothing.

Kind of like a plain red cup. And all THAT symbolizes to ME is drinking beer...and that offends me.

Just kidding.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Getting rid of ugly rust? stains with essential oil

Sometimes you just don't want to know!

I came home to the casita after 8 weeks in Oregon. My husband is a wonderful man with many skills. 

Cleaning the bathroom is not one.

Never being one to criticize .....?.....I asked him, with an appropriate laughing lilt to my tone, "So what happened?  Did you pee in the bath tub?"

He assured me that was not the case! It was the dreaded Arizona rust from our historic plumbing. 

 I suppose it wouldn't actually have been the Crime of the Century since the bathtub is plumbed for grey water and empties on our compost pile. 

After a quick wipe with a terry cloth cleaning rag and essential oil. 

Everyone is happy!  Including the earthworms. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Winter coming in

Lying awake listening to a winter storm moving in with some good wind gusts. Possible snow predicted. Need to remember to take down the wind chimes that are hanging on the north side of the house on the shed.

Going to leave for a quick trip up to the Oregon property this Wednesday. Arizona Shuttle will pick me up at the casita on South Cortez at 2:45 am and take me to Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix for the flight to Portland, Oregon.  That service makes life so easy for us here in Prescott.    If I'm able to take the later Alaska Airline flight then I just catch the shuttle at St. Michael's Hotel, walking across the Square pulling my roller bag. 

Will need to make sure I'm caught up with Ash Creek Nativities here in Arizona before I leave, having all the manger scenes that are listed on Etsy packed ready to ship from the studio. I'm trying to make sure both the Oregon and Arizona Ash Creek Nativities studios are equipped and organized the same so that I can be more efficient.

Went to swim at the YMCA at 5:00 a.m.  Came out to this.

First snow view from porch

Then had to check again.

View from iPhone

Yup.  It's snowing in Prescott....